Kat is extremely knowledgeable on nutrition and fitness post partum. I have been working with Kat for  over a year and feel stronger mentally and physically than I did pre-pregnancy. Each week is varied and pushes me to achieve something new. An added bonus is that I’m able to fit in my sessions with Kat during my child’s naptime. She comes fully equipped to the house and gives me great tips on how to maximise the space to workout in the comfort of my own home.  Holly G.

I have enjoyed every session with @katfishpt. Kat knows how to challenge you week by week and set you safe workouts and homework for effective recovery and getting back into shape after having a baby.
I would highly recommend Kat as a PT, she makes all sessions unique and exciting. The added bonus is that Kat is just such a lovely person to train with. Thank you so much Kat for helping me through my recovery.  Claire S.

Kat is an amazing trainer! She customises her sessions just for you and your needs. Kat challenges and pushes you but with kind encouragement and makes you feel great. I had a whiplash neck injury from a few years ago and was always nervous of doing too much exercise as it made my neck worse. With Kat’s strengthening and conditioning exercises it’s honestly so much better. Kat is kind, considerate with any injuries you have and will create an exercise plan that works best for you. I am so glad I found her and look forward to working with her every week.  Jane C.

Working with you has given me the confidence to go on my first ever date.  Anon.

Starting from zero fitness and an unhealthy love of cake, personal training with Kat surprised me – the diet and exercise programme was painless and actually my sessions became something I really enjoyed and looked forward to.  Kat tailors the sessions to fit your needs and what you enjoy as well as challenging you to improve with each session.  And having lost 3 stone over 30 sessions, I can’t complain about the results!  Kathryn W.

Kat is a brilliant PT. I really enjoy my sessions with her and she has helped me to feel confident exercising whilst pregnant. She is really knowledgeable about the body and antenatal movement and each session is perfectly tailored to how I am feeling. Thank you, Kat!  H Smith

Kat started training me when my second child was just over a year old.  My stomach muscles still hadn’t joined back together, my back was wobbly and I didn’t know where to start!  Kat inspires confidence – she is hugely knowledgeable about postnatal exercise.  She is really passionate about her work and tough(!) – she constantly pushes you that little bit further which is what you want from a personal trainer – but also fun and kind.  Kat really cares about you seeing results and I saw and felt them very quickly which was so encouraging and motivating.  I can’t recommend her enough.  Laura P.

I have had two children over the last two years and I have used Kat both times to get my mind and body back on track.  After my second child Kat starting training me from 7 weeks, obviously taking things slowly at first and building up over a four month period. Even though Kat was amazing first time round it was evident that she had learned and developed so much by the time I’d had my second child.  She is very knowledgeable about the post baby body and how training methods should / can be applied.  She offers varied types of training (from weights to pilates) and introduces key techniques which are personalised to your requirements (goals and physical concerns).  Kat is a great motivator, pushing you to a good level and making you feel muscles you didn’t realise you had!  She is constantly attending courses and classes so she can bring new ideas and freshness to her sessions.  I have recommended her to many mums and will continue to do so.  Thanks Kat, I miss you.   Sophie T.

I started training with Kat after my C-section for my second daughter, and it’s been more than year now. I recommended Kat to all my mommy friends and neighbours, and I have been pairing up with some of them for training.  I love Kat’s style – every session is so different, fun and effective.  The food diary is a good reminder and self-discipline for someone who loves baking. I lost my baby weight and gained my confidence back much sooner than my first post-natal experience.  I can’t thank you enough Kat!   Lin L.

I’ve been training with Kat for two years – she has helped me improve my physical fitness by leaps and bounds. When I started with her, I was doing a lot of running but no strength training – not even a sit-up! With her help, I’ve built strength and great muscles!   I love the variety of our workouts and equipment, the encouragement and advice she gives about making healthy lifestyle changes and the workout plans she gives me to do in between training sessions with her.  She has also been great about tailoring workouts around some injuries I’ve had.  Part of her philosophy is to make you strong to meet the demands of your daily life – thanks to her I am proud of my strength and stamina.  Kat C.

Having tried all manner of fitness sessions over the years (three years of BMF, been a member of most local gyms, done kettle bell & boxing courses, had a variety of PTs and even tried outdoor Zumba…!), Kat is the only trainer whose sessions are different and challenging every time.  I have loved training with her these past seven months; she is always professional, punctual, incredibly knowledgeable and fun.  I have achieved more in my fitness and been pushed further with Kat than ever before despite Kat having to accommodate an old knee injury.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  Rachel J.